10 Things That Have Been Proven by Science That People Still Don’t Believe

Climate Change

– Scientific Fact: Climate change is real and primarily caused by human activities. – People's Skepticism: Despite overwhelming evidence, some still doubt its existence.


– Scientific Fact: Evolution is the process that explains the diversity of life on Earth. – People's Skepticism: Evolution is a widely accepted theory but faces skepticism from some.


– Scientific Fact: Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing diseases. – People's Skepticism: Vaccine hesitancy persists, despite the life-saving benefits.

Round Earth

– Scientific Fact: Earth is round, not flat. – People's Skepticism: Flat Earth beliefs continue to exist, despite scientific proof.


– Scientific Fact: Gravity is the force that pulls objects toward each other. – People's Skepticism: Some question the reality of gravity.

Moon Landing

– Scientific Fact: Humans have landed on the moon. – People's Skepticism: Conspiracy theories still circulate about the moon landing.

Germ Theory

– Scientific Fact: Diseases are caused by microorganisms. – People's Skepticism: Some deny the existence of germs as the cause of illness.

Plate Tectonics

– Scientific Fact: Earth's continents are on moving plates. – People's Skepticism: Not everyone accepts the concept of plate tectonics.

Big Bang Theory

– Scientific Fact: The universe originated from a Big Bang. – People's Skepticism: Some still question the Big Bang theory.

DNA and Genetics

– Scientific Fact: DNA carries genetic information. – People's Skepticism: While widely accepted, genetics can still face misconceptions.


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